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Are you planning on building a new home in Abbotsford?  For most people, a home is the single largest purchase they will ever make.  And unless it is going to be your retirement home, you must consider resale potential.  Unlike our European and Asian counterparts who have lived in the same home for generations, the average Canadian will own an average of five homes over his/her lifetime.  What does that mean for you?   If you new home build is ‘too custom’, you may not be able to maximize the ROI if & when you do decide to sell, (not to mention the extra time on the market).

According to Sanj Aggarwal of Icon Projects Ltd, custom home builder and CBHA Certified Housing Professional, there needs to be a balance between meeting your needs & wants while maintaining general appeal.  “When building a home, you need to not only build for your lifestyle but also that of future potential buyers.  If you customize your home too much, the future buyer pool will be greatly reduced.  On the other hand, if your new home does not meet your needs – you may want to sell and move on to your next home sooner.”

Build Your Home For Your Neighborhood

Choose a lot in a neighborhood that has homes similar to the one your want to build.  You don’t want to build a small home in an area that mostly contains estate homes.  Similarly, your ROI on a luxury home in an area consisting of entry level homes will not be fully realized.

Abbotsford New Home Construction

Consider The Future

Since you will be living in your new home for years to come, consider potential life changing events that you are planning for.  For example: growing families may want a yard or be in a neighborhood with other kids; if you have aging parents, you may want an in-law suite; if you are nearing retirement age, you may want your master bedroom on the main level.

Think Tech

Just a few years ago, it was rare to find homes that had Ethernet connections in every room.  Today it is vital to have strong WiFi connectivity in each room.  In the near future, it might be important for you to have charging stations for electrical vehicles in your garage and smart home access that can control everything from lighting, media/music, heating, and security.

Building Materials

When building a new home in Abbotsford, consider using building materials that have a long shelf life with low maintenance.  Opt for engineered wood floors vs. real hardwood (hardwood is must softer and requires refinishing), porcelain tile vs marble (porcelain does not require periodic polishing), LED lighting instead of incandescent (especially in hard to reach areas such as high ceilings and soffits).

New Home Living Area

Customize Your New Home

Spice kitchens (fry kitchens used daily instead of main kitchens to keep living areas clear), a great room instead of a family room for entertaining, and large bar & rec room for relaxing, large closets are increasingly becoming hot buttons for potential buyers.  Not only will these improve the use quality of your home but will result in a quicker sale for your home in the future.

Learn More

For customized tips on building a new home in Abbotsford – contact Icon Projects Ltd. at 604-728-9466 or info@wemakehomes.com.

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