About Us

The Abbotsford Real Estate Blog has a simple goal: to help people who are in the market, or considering entering the market, for real estate in Abbotsford, BC, navigate the sometimes “choppy waters” of the home buying and selling process. We want to do what we can to help  make the whole process simpler, easier and more pleasant. We're not involved in the real estate business ourselves. But, like many people, we have had our fair share of experiences buying and selling homes over the years. And we came up for the idea for the Abbotsford Real Estate Blog as a result of not being able to easily find all of the information we think is pretty important when you're (thinking about) buying and/or selling a home. Some of the things that we think are important include:

  • Real estate market statistics – we think it's useful to see what kind of shape the market's in when you're (thinking about) buying and/or selling a home
  • Real estate agent information – this section is a work in progress as we write this (in other words, we're going to be adding to it over time)
  • Financing options – we're going to be adding this information in the near future
  • Real estate listings – we're hoping to be able to add Abbotsford real estate listings to the website in the very near future

We're also going to be spending some time on the blog, hoping to bring our visitors information that's useful, informative and maybe even entertaining. Information that's not just focused on buying and/or selling real estate. So whether you're in the market to buy and/or sell a home in Abbotsford right now or you're just starting to get the itch, make sure you pay us a visit whenever you're looking for important information.

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