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Top 10 Packing Tips for Home Movers

1. Cardboard boxes

You are going to need plenty of cardboard boxes in different sizes. Their sturdiness makes them ideal for carrying heavy items. Boxes also enable you to categorize the items increasing convenience in unpacking at your new property.

2. Cloth and Bubble wrap

Fragile items need an extra layer of padding for extra safety. Breakables such as dishes and glasses can be wrapped in bubble wrap or cloth before packing into boxes. It reduces the damage impact if banged. Also, the gaps in boxes can be filled with old rags and newspapers.

3. A Bag for the Essentials

Often, you pack all your stuff only to realize you require something that's gone into one of the boxes. Avoid such a situation by packing a separate bag with the all the essentials. This includes a change of clothes, toiletries, medications and your laptop and cell phone charger.

4. Label your boxes

Label the packed boxes. The labels could read according to the room or the items present in the box for instance crockery, books etc. Paste the labels on the side of the box and not the top. In addition to labeling, you can also number the boxes. It helps keep count when loading and unloading, ensuring nothing gets left behind.

5. Heavier boxes at the bottom

It's common sense. For boxes that will be stacked, place the heavier ones at the bottom. This includes especially boxes containing furniture.

6. Declutter

You don't have to carry everything you currently own to your new home. Old and unwanted things, in good condition, can be donated to charity. An alternative is to get rid of them at a garage sale or sell them on eBay. This way you can save time and energy packing and unpacking unnecessary things.

7. Stretch Wrap

This is one of the packing tips for added protection during transit. You can club items together, wrap it and seal it. It is one of the best ways to pack furniture. Press and seal is also a great way to pack jewelry. Sandwich bags come handy for smaller items such as earrings, trinkets, baubles and pendants.

8. Packing clothes

Given that clothes take up the most space, here are a few smart packing tips to accommodate them. First, instead of folding your clothes you can roll them. Thicker materials such as sweaters, towels, bed sheets and curtains can double up as padding/wrapping for your breakables. Pack some of your clothes in vacuum seal bags as they take up less space.

9. Nuts and bolts

At the end of dismantling stuff, you will be left with a lot of screws, nuts, bolts, handles which due to their small size are easy to get lost. Collect all these bits of hardware in a small container or sandwich bag. I would recommend taping them to the dismantled furniture to avoid confusion.

10. Start early

Above all, you need to start packing well in advance. Do one room at a time, starting with the room that you need the least. Spreading it over a few days makes the process less taxing. The earlier you start, the better the packing will go.

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By Daniel Rasul

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Packing Tips for Home Movers”

  1. Wow, I genuinely found some lovely tips after going through your post. Basically in this context I would like to tell that packing is one of the most essential part of the relocation process. So, if someone really wants to make a transition from one place to another then he must have to pack all his belongings adequately. It is just because the things will reach safe and secure at the destination, depends upon how they are packed at the source. I think packing is not so simple and it is a kind of art that needs to be handled accordingly. So, finally I want to suggest everyone that they should follow all the tips that have already mentioned in the blog and apart from this, they also can take an additional help from packing and moving service for better and efficient packing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. These are excellent points about moving. When we moved into our new home, most of the things that ended up breaking didn’t break in the box… they broke when I was rushing myself to unpack. Thankfully most of those items weren’t irreplaceable or expensive! Being mindful of when you move in is also a really good idea. We got lucky and moved in over a 3-day-weekend that my husband had off, and we both took the following Monday off as well.

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