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What good would a green thumb do you if you do not have some of the very essential gardening tools to make your job go a lot smoother? Here are some basics that every good gardener should have beginning with the novice all the way up to the “professional” gardener.


You should have a good pair of waterproof gloves that fit well. You should also find some that have long cuffs. Gardening gloves seem to be best suited to fit men so women will probably have to hunt to find a good pair.

Sun Hat

You should have a hat with a wide brim equipped with a drawstring cord. This should provide adequate protection from the sun. You have to make sure that your hat will not be lifted aloft when those spring winds come.

Canvas Apron

A good apron to have is one that has pockets to fit some of your tools in as well as your phone. This is good when you don’t always have a chance to put on your grubbiest clothes.

Five Gallon Bucket

This comes in handy to tote your tools around with you as you make your way through the flower beds. You can always toss weeds in as you are working!


This is an important tool to have but one that can easily get misplaced or thrown out by accident. It would be a good idea to get some brightly-colored tape to wrap around the handle so it will show up against the grass.


These are great to clip back woody stems. You will get a nice, clean cut that will minimize any injury to plant tissue.

Hand Rake

This is just a little bit larger than a spade and does a great job in fluffing up mulch or in turning up very young weeds.

Over to You

What did you think about our suggestions for gardening tools? Have we covered them off well or have we maybe missed something?

Let us know by leaving a comment below!!

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